Liane Carroll - singer


BBC Winner voted ‘Best of Jazz’ award and ‘Best vocalist’ - 2005. Born in London and raised in Hastings, Liane Carroll has been playing the piano since she was three. Her singing and piano playing have made her well known the around the world.  Liane has been performing as a professional pianist and singer since the age of fifteen. She has toured and recorded with artists such as Gerry Rafferty, Ladysmith Black Mombasa and Paul McCartney. She has recently toured extensively with drum and bass band ‘London Elektricity’. 

"Without a doubt one of my all time favourites. She has a remarkable delivery, powerful and soulful but at the same time she can sing a ballad to make you cry. And a personality to die for (one of the most entertaining performers we have here). Steve Rubie, 606 Jazz Club, London

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