Main Jazz Course

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This course is for instrumentalists and singers of all levels of experience.

Dates: Friday 3rd - Friday 10th August &/or Friday 10th - 17th August 2018

Tutors:  3 - 10 August: - Liane Carroll, Simon Purcell, Julian Siegel

Tutors:  10 - 17 August: - Omar Puente, Simon Purcell, Julian Siegel

            This week also includes the Advanced Improvisors option


Course Aims

To develop your performance and understanding of jazz with special emphasis on playing with others and as part of an ensemble.

Typical Activities

  • small group workshops
  • large group & big band workshops
  • specialist instrument workshops for singers, pianists, rhythm section and front-line players.
  • daily performance of workshop material
  • performances by the tutors and participants in the evening club
  • student-led group rehearsals and performance
  • final night concert to the public