Advanced Improvisors Course


This option is for the more experienced student and offers a progression from the Main Course and similar courses. It is open to all instrumentalists including rhythm section players.

Dates: 10 - 17 August 2018

Tutors:  Omar Puente, Simon Purcell and Julian Siegel

Course Aims:

To enhance and deepen course members' understanding of contemporary approaches to playing jazz and improvisational skills.
Learning Areas:

•    contemporary approaches to jazz improvisation
•    repertoire - non-standard song forms
•    contemporary approaches to melody, harmony and rhythm
•    interactive rhythm section
•    devising effective approaches to practising jazz improvisation

Typical Activities:

•    small and larger group workshops
•    active listening and reflection workshop
•    specialist instrument tutorials
•    directed practice time
•    daily workshop performance
•    evening club
•    final concert to the public
•    student-led rehearsals