The International French Jazz Summer School 2018

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 Whether you are new to jazz or an experienced player or  singer ; new to jazz schools or an experienced 'summer-schooler', the International French Jazz Summer School offers you a fantastic learning experience.

The atmosphere is friendly, fun and supportive, with course members and tutors living, eating and playing music together. It’s an opportunity to make great new friends and musical contacts. And, for some, it has proved to be a life-changing experience!

This year will be the 23rd consecutive year of the International French Jazz Summer School.

Here's a taste of what you'll find at the International French Jazz Summer School:-

•    Top tutors with international reputations as jazz musicians and teachers.

•    A jazz-focused community – where tutors and students live on site and eat, perform, play and enjoy time together.

•    A comprehensive course programme designed to meet the needs of both instrumentalists and singers of all experience levels.

•    Learning experiences negotiated with tutors to suit your individual learning needs and existing levels of jazz music experience.

•    Daily performances by student groups and tutors, evening performances and our own International French Music School Club in the evening!

•    High quality accommodation in a fully renovated Chateau with gites, set in a beautiful location.

•    An excellent resident chef - specialising in the food of the region and able to cater for vegetarians and special dietary needs.

•    International enrolment - we welcome students from the UK and around the world. Previous courses have included students from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Denmark and Andorra.