Cuban Music School Reviews

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As you can see from the references below, our International Cuban Music School students have a great time on the course - why not join them this year?

“It was fantastic! You made me discover another part of musical world and made me know incredibly interesting people. How you do it? I feel, it's the positive energy you have that gather positive people and great organisation talents of course!!!” – M.R.
“After one week I found myself completely changed as a musician, as a person and even as a traveller” – D.D.
“I think of you all frequently and am still reveling in the intensive musical adventure I had with you all. What a treat!” – S.F.
“I think I have fallen quietly in love with the Cuban people and their wonderful attitude to life and of course their music” – P.C.
“Omar is a Cuban legend though… I witnessed how he was regarded by fellow musicians and Clive certainly is a gentleman” – A.B.
“Thank you for organising such a fantastic course in Havana. The course tutor, Omar, is simply great; he got a great deal out of the group. I am delighted and grateful to have been able to attend” – C.L.
 - Course members' comments 2018

“Thank you for organising a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly learnt a lot”

U.K. 2015


"This was my third time on the course, and I hope it won’t be my last!! Omar is a great tutor, the music he proposed was varied, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.  Being in Havana is a wonderful experience, and the group outings are always fun"

K.H. 2015


“Omar is a great teacher, musician and person. He was very helpful in finding me a fantastic tutor for lessons after the course ended.  I found it a thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling experience and learned a lot and met many wonderful people and made many memorable experiences in Cuba. I hope to do it again in the future”

H.P.B. – Switzerland 2015


“The entire setup of the course is unique, shows a lot of personal engagement and is excellent. Omar is outstanding as a teacher!  It was so great to experience all the course in Habana Vieja. Especially the people in the gallery were all really nice.  The only little drawback were the occasional clouds of carbon monoxide from outside trucks. But that is part of Havana as well.The material that Omar had put together was excellent, the songs really beautifully composed and as he had intended this gave a nice overview over the different forms and styles of Cuban music.  The material that Omar had put together was excellent, the songs really beautifully composed and as he had intended this gave a nice overview over the different forms and styles of Cuban music.  It was great to participate in the Cuban Music course in the center of Habana Vieja. The atmosphere of this vibrating city got us immediately and will not leave us anymore. A lot of beautiful impressions, inspirations and memories in a holistic sense – not only musically”

E.H. – Austria 2015


The course is an excellent hands-on introduction to Cuban music. It has put me well on the way to becoming a better player, and it has greatly enriched my enjoyment of live and recorded Cuban music as a listener. The teaching team of Sara McGuinness and Sierra Maestra is excellent. It was wonderful to be able to go out in the evening and hear top-class bands playing what we were aspiring to, and enjoy the convivial company of course participants and organizers.
J.B. – Scotland

"The Cuba school was wonderful, I personally gained so much – what a smashing bunch of people"
A.J. – Australia

What a pleasure to have Sierra Maestra as our tutors - courteous, affable and inspiring.

Such a great experience to take one week off to share with music and other people who love it.
C.E. – Spain

Sara certainly knew her stuff  and great to have expertise from Sierra Maestra!

Fun, fun, fun – excellent Cuban tutors. A great incentive to pursue my Cuban musical education. A wonderful adventure.
M. L. – France

I had a great time – the tutors Sara McGuinness and Sierra Maestra were wonderful and we saw some excellent music in the evenings as well as doing our best to play some during the day.

Excellent course, good fun, hard work, lovely people, Sierra Maestra and tutor’s first class

Sarah and Jesus really helped me get the clave beat into my heart. I was good for me to get out of my head and just know that I had the rhythm in my hands.
R.S. – Canada

Sara is great. The Sierra Maestra guys are all obviously great musicians!